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My Personal Projects


A video i put together from footage i captured on our family outings for the year of 2019.

Love Yourself

This project I did with the intention of promoting self-love. I desire that people understand that we own the power to live in our happiness but we first must create it for ourselves. Its a must we take the time to love ourself. We have to build up so much love within ourselves that when we go out we don't go out looking for love. Instead, we go out because we have so much love that we can give. To love yourself is a must to live life the best life we possibly can.

Depression Awareness Video

This concept was created by the actress Keevy. She personally has struggled with depression so she wanted to illustrate how depression is truly an illness. I heard this and was willing to do this project immediately I did my research and put this video together in order to show what happens in the minds of people so we would have more compassion to help. 


This video concept came from Thaia Bey. Our mission was to create an understanding of how important it is to stay away from relationship abuse. Because those situations can be so toxic.

Corona Virus Video

A video to let people know we are in this together and dont allow the noise distract us from how amazing life still is. 

Las Vegas Anniversary Video 

I got married during the corona virus we got married on zoom so we couldnt do too much but we did go to vegas after it came open. Here goes some clips from it 

Always With You

Created  this video to uplift those who have lost someone to know they are here still pushing us to be better

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