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Joshua has been doing my photos since i moved to AZ. 3 years ago. My very first shoot with him was with my daughter and I. When I say he was very professional and on top of everything, I mean it! We (my daughter and I) were nervous. He made us laugh and comfortable and the pictures and video turned out AMAZING. I literally still cry every time I watch the video. (I'd like to think it's one of his best videos ever!) Since then I've always recommended Joshua, he is literally always on time, courteous, knowledgeable about his passion of capturing those beautiful moments and he is very personable. Ive worked with him about 5 times now and every time he delivers!

Nikky Adams

Every experience I've had working with Josh has been amazing!! He goes above and beyond to see your vision through. Every step of the way he carries a smile on his face and makes me as a client feel full of confidence! His creativity Is what brings our ideas to life and I look forward to many more business ventures with him and his company!

Joshua Barnes is an amazing videographer! The most amazing artists are those who create and make it look easy. When working with him it seems as if he is just asking questions while he adjusts the camera while giving you little to no instructions. He goes about the project with a sense of ease and then when you see the final product you are so amazed that it will have you thinking “When/What/How and finally DAMN HE GOOD!!”

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