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The Story Behind “BYOH”

The acronym, BYOH in BYOH Productions stands for "Be Your Own Hero,” a primary concept that we believe in, and an influential motto by which operate on when interacting with our clientele.

Standing in front of the camera can bring about an awakening experience, allowing one to feel confident, influential, and fearless. When capturing our clients, our goal is to expand those experiences and create life changing moments that follow them for the rest of their lives. We want our clients to leave feeling more empowered they did upon arriving, realizing that the same emotions felt in front of the camera can be transformed into daily affirmations. We want to have such a lasting impression on our clientele that they continuously refer to themselves as heroes, even after the experience is over. 


Meet the Camera Man

“Joshua Dhont’e Barnes, also known as “Supaman Barnes,” was born in California and raised in Long Beach. A lifetime advocate for the arts and personal wholeness, he has utilized his photographic mastery to capture men and women in their finest elements, paving the way for them to embody kings and queens in their videos and photos. 


“Photography and videography consist of more than just capturing beauty in front of the camera, or taking a paycheck home. To me, they yield opportunities to help others defeat insecurities, show off their best attributes, and be their own heroes by doing things they never imagined. I want to capture people right in the heart of their boldest moments, allowing them to exude confidence, class, and personal regalement. The camera, for me, is more than just an instrument; it is a path of confrontation that allows me to help change someone’s life for the better. In essence, BYOH is for the people, and I will never settle for less when it comes to their greatness This is why continuous growth and innovation are key, as they allow me to sharpen my craft every day, which further broadens the capacity for me to impact the lives of others.”

- Joshua Dhont’e Barnes

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